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  • Feb092016

    Transportation in Christchurch

    Ever wondered how much it costs you to get to work and back each day? Action Bicycle Club presents Transport in Christchurch – a door to door comparison of roundtrip travel by car, ebike or regular push bike. As our experiment uses the median travel to work distance* for Christchurch, we used the fastest routes from Hoon Hay to Christchurch Central Hospital.

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  • Feb052016

    Me and my Ebike

    Zooming along on my ebike often turns heads. With your car window down I hear you commenting to your passenger “Look at that girl with her motorized bike!”. I see your look of amazement as I zip past you on the streets. The smile on your face as I gently breeze through Hagley Park. I’m glad you noticed me!

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  • Feb042016

    Go By Bike 2016

    Celebrate your freedom of mobility and do your part to promote an active and savvy lifestyle for everyone.

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