Coasting on a breeze: A bike ride to Sumner

Coasting on a breeze

Biking to Sumner beach on a lovely day is a perfect way to discover Christchurch beyond the central city.


Single Trip Distance : ~ 13km
Recommended time: ~ 3 to 5 hrs
Difficulty : Easy, occasional winds

Biking eastwards towards the coastal seaside suburb of Sumner is filled with fun activities. Hidden gems lies await for the vintage and curio collector. Thirsty voyagers can find an scrumptious brew or two from the local pubs and brewery. The new coastal shared pathway offers a unique and spectacular view of the coast best enjoyed by bike. Finally arriving at the beach for a refreshing (a little cold) swim or simply enjoy an ice cream or ‘fush n chups’. A very popular route for visitors who want to see more of Christchurch beyond the central city.


Action Bicycle Club