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Shop our extensive range of bike accessories from Basil, Nutcase, Road Runner, Cinelli, SimWorks, Ortlieb, Brooks and more. We curate the best brands from around the world right here in New Zealand.

  • Velo Orange x Roadrunner: Randonneur Handlebar Bag

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    While the Randonneur Handlebar Bag may look like a traditional bag, it is constructed with modern materials and designs that coalesce into a smart and functional vegan-friendly bag for touring, randonneuring, and commuting. Entirely designed and manufactured in the USA as part of a collaborative effort between Velo Orange and Road Runner Bags of Los Angeles. The outermost fabric is extremely durable and water resistant Cordura. The safety-orange inside material is a waterproof truck tarp liner (the same material that trucking companies use to protect cars during transit). A bright interior allows for easy rummaging even in the most dimly-lit environments. Molle straps adorn the side and rear faces of the bag, allowing you to attach smaller accessory bags as desired. This modular design enables you to build the randonneur bag that best fits your needs. Our current accessory offerings include a Snapper Sack (for compact cameras and SLR lenses) and Cell Phone Pocket (fits virtually all smartphones). Both sold separately. The gusseted top flap features a clear map case for your queue sheet, control card, snacks, keys, wallet, etc. A waterproof zipper keeps it all secure and allows quick access even while riding. The front pocket is also gusseted to easily expand for stuffing and over-stuffing. The underside has additional molle straps for the included buckle or toe-strap to secure your bag to your rack. Encouraged over rough terrain. While the bag can work with any front rack with an appropriate decaleur (or straps for the handlebar), it is designed to work best with our Randonneur and Campeur Front Racks. The rear of the bag features grommeted holes that line up perfectly with our bag mount and allow the bag to sit securely on the rack platform. When using our integrated decaleur racks, there is no need to drill or punch holes in your bag. Height: 22cm Width: 27cm Depth: 19.5cm Weight: ~736g Maximum Capacity: ~8.5L of pinto beans Includes carry strap
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    Velo Orange: Saddle Loops

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    These nifty, stainless steel clamp-on loops mount to your saddle's rails so you can use a saddle bag. Not suggested for carbon rails. Price is per pair.
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    Velo Orange: Randonneur Front Rack, Cantilever

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    This is a stainless steel front rack that is perfect for a handlebar bag, tied-down dry bag, or basket. All Velo Orange racks are made from polished tubular stainless steel, so they will never rust, flake, and can be re-polished to a mirror shine even after years of use. As with our other racks, there are light mounts on the side of the platform. The platform is 20.7 cm long and 10.2 cm wide. The tombstone (backstop) is 9.5 cm tall. If you plan on getting into offroad exploration, we suggest using a toe strap on the bottom of your bag to ensure it says put over the rough stuff. If you are getting a custom frame made, we suggest sending the rack to the builder beforehand. 12lbs (5.4kg) max weight capacity. All mounting hardware is included. This rack requires the use of cantilever brake bosses.
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    Velo Orange Bungee Cord Cargo Net

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    This elastic net secures awkward loads to bike racks, or it serves as a hammock for your cat. These may vary slightly from the photo since we get them from a couple of different suppliers, but they all work equally well. Approx. 14" x 15" unstretched.
  • Velo Orange: Elkhide Chainstay Protector, Hand Cut

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    These are soft leather with a self-adhesive double-stick tape on the back. They match our elkhide sewn-on handlebar covers and toe clip leathers. They protect your paint from chain slap and give your bike a finished look. In decades past, constructeurs actually brazed on fittings over which a leather strip was stretched. Our elkhide strips are the next best thing. Like all of our elkhide leather goods, they are cut by hand in the US.

  • Velo Orange Safety Pizza

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    Safety Pizza is the world's most delicious and fun safety device, composed of a high-visibility, reflective crust, and reflective toppings that you apply yourself. Made from 100% waterproof and non-fraying material, this slice will keep you visible and at the pinnacle of fashion. Simply peel off your included toppings (mushrooms, pepperoni, and onions), stick them where you want on the slice, and firmly press. Repeat until you have one very tasty and safe pizza. Velcro straps allows for a near universal fit on your bike or bag. Makes a fun project with the kids! Two sizes available: Original and Pizzetta. Original slice measures (width x length): 14.7cm (5.75") x 18.8cm (7.4") while Pizzetta measures 12.3cm (4.75") x 14cm (5.5"). The reflective materials are of the highest quality, meeting worldwide standards for emergency vehicles and first-responder garments. 
  • BBB Bike Bell Easyfit

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    EasyFit Deluxe MTB + ROAD + URBAN A cycling bell for every bike

    Some cycling bells are difficult to attach to your bike because of the shape of the tube or handlebar. This bell will fit on almost every handlebar to make sure you are noticed on every bike. No need to shout!

    Lightweight brass bicycle bell with plastic spring system

    Can be mounted in various positions due to its quick-release strap

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