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Quality affordable electric bikes and brands we stand by. Free test rides. We provide full after sale service and warranty. We stock hub and mid drive ebikes from top brands Bosch, eZee Bafang to match you with the best bike for your needs.

  • $3,899.00

    QWIC: Premium MN330 City


    This powerful elegant QWIC electric bike combines comfort and powerful support. Thanks to the NuVinci pedal switching with 330% switching range, the e-bike offers the right resistance at all times. The fully enclosed chain case ensures that the e-bike requires minimal maintenance. Finally, the Premium MN330 is equipped with hydraulic rim brakes, adjustable handlebar, luxury double-forged front fork and resilient seatpost for comfortable ride-ability.

    Brose’s quiet and very powerful middle engine is fitted with internal belt transmission. This gives the engine a very smooth transmission of its power. The QWIC powered by Brose middle engine offers a torque of almost 90 Nm. The mid-engine has been perfected in recent years for use in the top segment e-bikes. The software developed by QWIC ensures that engine performance is in line with the wishes of the sporty user. The combination with the NuVinci steering wheel ensures that the right resistance is always provided.

  • $1,700.00$2,250.00

    Lekkie: Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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    Praised by commuters countrywide as the go-to for fast fun transport. Grab your favourite bike and let us upgrade it to electric. The powerful 300w mid drive motor drives through your bike's gears giving you amazing climbing and great speed.

    The Summit system is perfect for your commuting and get around town needs. The 12.5ah battery gives you around 40 to 60km of riding on a charge with a cost of only 20cents.

    Go fast and far with the Summit Plus system. All the features of the Summit system with the extra range of the 17ah battery. The Summit Plus system is perfect for your commuting and get around town needs. The 17ah battery gives you around 50 to 80km of riding on a charge with a cost of only 30cents.

    The Summit systems has shift sensing which detects you changing gears and reduces the motor output for smoother changes, protecting your bike gears and chain.

    There is a plug ready for you to upgrade to lights that run off the bikes battery. When you're ready you can move the system to a new bike and return your old bike to its original state.

    Don’t let your current bike go to waste. Turn it into your very own, one of a kind Lekkie bike!