Oh Holy Bike – The Wild Ones Gift Guide

Oh Holy Bike – The Wild Ones Gift Guide
December 3, 2019 Ken

Skids on the pavement or home made dirt jumps in the backyard, there’s a Wild One in all of us.

40% off the HJUL outerwear Summer collection

Lets face it, most boys won’t quite get around to updating their summer wardrobe before XMAS. On top of that, the way he rides is wearing the clothes out. Thankfully we’ve got a great deal for smart casual wear that’s suitable on the bike and not out of place when he’s away from it. Great details like 100% cotton, double layered, reflective components and zip pockets.

10% off cinelli cycling caps

Great artworks with straight forward practicality. Cinelli bike caps add character and style and keep the sweat under controll on those hot days. One size fits most.

15% off all sim-works sim-drops

Another innocous looking part that one shouldn’t really be riding without. The added bling immediately elevates any bike’s look. These bar end plugs are available in black, grey, red and green.

15% off sim-works wild honey bars

Sportif, road, cyclocross, fixed gear, the wild honey bar is everything in a handlebar.

$150 off the 2020 Cinelli Zydeco

A Christmas gift from us that definitely won’t happen again. If you’re a one bike fits all kinds person then it’s time for you got a real do-it all bike. It’s road meets gravel meets bike packing. The Cinelli Zydeco is the ultimate present a true Wild One deserves.

$20 off helmets

Any Wild One needs a good helmet. $20 bucks off means your giftee keeps their brains protected on those wild adventures. (excl. the thousand range)

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