Oh Holy Bikes – The Eco-concious Gift Guide

Oh Holy Bikes – The Eco-concious Gift Guide
December 7, 2019 Ken

Give gifts that help friends help the factory workers and the eco-system.

$26 off Premium Bike service vouchers. Normally $125, now $99

For that someone who loves to ride their bike a lot, help them get back to a spick and span bike that feels like they just got it yesterday. Maintaining an old bike that runs well rather than getting a new one goes a long way to show you care about someone and the planet.

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Bike Rental: 1st Day 30% OFF. Additional days 10% off

Gifting experiences are the best zero-waste gifts. Get the XMAS Special E-Bike 1 Day rental voucher and save 30% off the regular price. Experience all the pleasures of cycling with none of the pain. An ideal gift for someone to join a planned outing or someone who needs the extra push to get on their bike!

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$10 off tbab socks

Is it even Xmas without gifting a pair of socks? tBaB socks are simple, non-gendered, hi-vis on and off bike accessory. Socks come without packaging from an NBCU Official Factory Approval for ethical conduct factory for those gifting consciously this year.

Free wheelbuilding and installation worth $100

Not your grandpa’s friction dynamo. Shutter Precision Dynamo hubs are state-of-the-art, enabling smooth spinning, low drag power output in a lightweight hub body. Never use disposable or rare metal batteries to power lights or devices while on the bike ever again. Get free wheel-building and installation service with this purchase worth a $100.

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