Shutter Precision: 8 Series Dynamo Hub

Shutter Precision: 8 Series Dynamo Hub


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The SP 8-series hub dynamo incorporates the best technological advancements in the field, making optimal hub dynamos a reality.

Under its discrete and lightweight shell, this intelligent design is tempered with structural performance. It’s smooth oval shape provides balance while attaining an unprecedented weight only 350g.

Used with our range of Busch & Muller products, attain amazingly bright and functional bike lighting performance, powered just by riding!


Shutter Precision

As far as dynamo hubs go in the marketplace, Shutter Precision products sit solidly at the top of its class for its high efficiency, low resistance, lightweight and pricing. A go-to product range for solidly reliable day-in, day-out lighting and for bike adventurers.

Dynamo Hub Custom Wheel Builds

An excellent equipment for bike adventures, whether you’re bike packing, touring or just plain old commuting. Modern dynamo hub lights are the answer to not worrying about battery powered lights and with the right equipment, you can charge your own electronic devices on the go.

Action Bicycle Club can custom build a dynamo hub front wheel to your requirements and advise on the correct lighting equipment for your daily adventures or for the trip of a lifetime. Just have a chat with our bright mechanics!

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