SimWorks: Anna Lee Stem

SimWorks: Anna Lee Stem


Anna Lee is incomparable for her beauty, a miracle in today’s mass produced world. Her body is created by fillet welding to a modern chromoly stem and for that detail she will deeply fascinate you. Available in 2 bodies, 75°or 90°.

Made in Japan. High reliability with comfortable handling.

Material: CrMo Steel
Angle: 75 & 90 deg.
Bar Clamp: 31.8mm
Post diam.: 28.6mm
Post Clamp Height.: 72mm
Colour: Chrome Plated & Black

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SimWorks develops products for the bicycle rider’s lifestyle, creates the shape for their needs and supports all the craftsmen who produce excellence in the world.

By focusing on “hand-made” & “custom-order-made” products, they can propose ideas that no one has never seen before, keeping vital communications between end users, dealers, and producers.

Through “craftsmanship” and “riding a bicycle”, SimWorks are always looking for fellowship who share in their vision and expand it to the world. Visit the Simworks website for more information.

“Between you and me” “People come and ride my bike and they’re like, ‘Man, this is out of tune!”. Small batches, big on details, best craftsmanship.