SimWorks: Primitive Adventure Water Bottle

SimWorks: Primitive Adventure Water Bottle


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• 26 oz / 624 ml water bottle
• Purist shields the inside of the bottle from any bad taste, mould or staining.
• As pure as drinking from a glass, but with all the advantages of a flexible bottle.
• BPA free

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SimWorks develops products for the bicycle rider’s lifestyle, creates the shape for their needs and supports all the craftsmen who produce excellence in the world.

By focusing on “hand-made” & “custom-order-made” products, they can propose ideas that no one has never seen before, keeping vital communications between end users, dealers, and producers.

Through “craftsmanship” and “riding a bicycle”, SimWorks are continually searching for collaborators who share their vision and push it out into the world. Visit the SimWorks website for more information.

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