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    $1,299.00 $625.00

    Soma Fabrications: Grand Randonneur Frameset


    Soma's Grand Randonneur is a true low trail geometry randonneuring frame set, which means it rides better with a front load than other touring and road bikes. Co-designed with Mike Kone of Rene Herse/Boulder Bicycles. It will fit all the gadgets a good rando bike should have. The traditional diameter tubes lend a smooth comfortable ride. Size: 58cm Please check the photo for a small chip on the headtube.

    $1,299.00 $625.00
    $1,299.00 $625.00
  • $119.00

    Soma: Cazadero Tyres

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    A mixed terrain tire for a new era of riding. Gravel, dirt, asphalt. The Caz features a raised center for fast rolling on asphalt, with specially designed that corner well on dirt and maintains traction on the street.

    In a hard to find 42mm size that bridges CX and mountain biking. The 650b can be used on the Grand Randonneur, Soma ES (650b conversion), or San Marcos. Size: 650b x 42mm Weight: 470g Made in Japan by Panasonic.