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    Craig Damrauer: Drawstring Bag

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    The perfect travel or beach bag combined with the perfect message, from the always so right with words Craig Damrauer. Drawstring, lightweight and durable, a wonderful addition to the Modern Art collection.

    Constantly pondering the problems our modern world puts on the interactions and relationships we have with others, Craig's art is his quantification of how humans tend to complicate everything. We first found Craig through his collaboration with 20x200 and knew his work would translate perfectly with our mantra of making art accessible to all. Materials: 100% Polyester Size: 45cm x 35cm

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    AMS: Berm Handlebar Grips Black

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    Tapered diameter, comfortable grips. Benefits: - Tapered diameter, thin inside, thicker outside. - Micro-diamond pattern with waffle style at the centre. - Locking is provided with a single inside collar. - The pair are just above 100 grams. - No flange. Specifications: - 135mm total length. - 29.5mm inside. 33.9mm outside diameter. - 102 grams (3.6 ounces).
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