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  • market shopper

    Goodordering: 3 in 1 Market Shopper


    3 in 1 Shopper, Backpack and Pannier in one

    Available in 6 colours, this style is the ultimate versatile bag. It is a shopper that can be worn over the shoulder, a backpack or a pannier to attach to your bicycle rack. It is made from quality water resistant nylon with highly durable PVC binding trim and pinstripe lining.

    The wide opening main zip section reveals internal storage including a zip pocket and a padded slip pocket for laptop storage.

    Zip pockets on the front panel and front flap pocket is safe and easily accessible via velcro fixing. The two side pockets allow quick and easy access for items such as umbrellas and bottles.

    Materials include high quality YKK metal zips, nylon webbing and comfortable padded backpack straps. The boxy shape ensures that your contents stay neat and organised at all times.

    The bag also comes with a draw-string pinstripe dust bag.

  • messenger bag

    Goodordering: Messenger Bag


    This retro style bicycle pannier bag is a messenger bag and bicycle pannier in one.

    Bicycle panniers are an easy way to lighten your load when riding a bicycle. This stealth bicycle pannier then becomes a regular bag great for work or traveling when you are not on your bicycle as it includes a padded laptop sleeve and a huge array of useful pockets.

    Simply unzip and fold down the compartment on the bag to reveal bicycle pannier clips. Hide this section away easily by closing the zip pocket.

    Unclip the adjustable shoulder strap to hide it away when the bag is being used as a pannier.

    Please note the clips that attach this bag to your pannier rack ideally suit 8mm tubes. The clips do not fit the wider tubes as normally found on the more retro style pannier racks.

    Waterproof and machine washable, this bag is also lightweight and full of useful pockets.

  • Goodordering: Kids Mini Backpack


    This Mini-me backpack is packed with functional features that make life easier travelling with a little one. Perfect for between ages 2-4 years but still very useful and cute for ages 1-5 years. The bag features reflective strips for extra safety on all 3 panels (front and both sides) detachable safety harness and chest strap to keep the bag secure even over the thickest of winter jackets. The bag also features a unique strap construction which allows it to be attached to scooter handles.

  • SimWorks: The Homage Panaracer Tyres

    , ,

    It's magic when SimWorks meets Panaracer!

    The Homage project is the Panaracer highly produced ‘Gravel King’ as you already know with the cool part of colouring and the adoption of a highly-durable special and anti-flat casing. The special casing has layers of blowout proof reinforcement materials, which also prevent side cutting and pinch flats. Moreover, ZSG natural compound which is based on a natural rubber has high impact resilience for high performance riding and durability. Wheel Size: 650b, 700c (622) Tire Width: 43mm Bead: Aramid Compound: ZSG Natural Compound Weight: 550g (700c) Casing: Anti Flat Casing

  • Honjo turtle 35

    SimWorks: Honjo Fenders Turtle 35

    , ,

    Honjo’s hammered fenders with their beautiful “Kikko” patterns are well-known by so many cyclists around the world. Making the pattern is very much confidential and even we do not know how they achieve it. If you are looking for a genuine fender, then this “Turtle 35” is waiting for you. Wheel Size: 700c Tire Size: ~25mm U Stay: 4mm diam.

  • SimWorks: On the Road Rear Carrier

    , ,

    The good thing about a bicycle is that you can go shopping or touring anytime you want. To expand on the idea we created a carrier.

    The On The Road carrier is crafted from chromium molybdenum steel tubing, which is a necessity for a touring carrier as it's very durable, light and able to be repaired by re-welding. Nitto's craftsmanship has produced 'a shape with less pipes', with the main frame for the On The Road carrier made using only one CrMo tube. The Black carrier is pretreated with nickel plating and then electro deposition coated, so it won’t corrode even when the paint is completely removed while the chrome plate is easy to paint over. Material: CrMo Steel Tube Weight: Avg.775g Additional Load: 10kg Color: Chrome Plated & Black

  • pot luck rack

    SimWorks: Pot Luck Rack

    , ,

    Simple form and function for light touring, commuting or just out for a ride. This front carrier is designed and inspired by a ‘potluck party’ - a party by which people bring their own food too. It features side bars for pannier bags and a bungee cord plus a 6-pack sized compact table with the form itself matches the On-The-Road rear carrier. Why don’t you put a fresh baked pie on it and let’s go to a potluck party before it gets cold! Material: 9mm CrMo Steel Tube Weight: Avg. 700g Additional Load: 7kg Leg length: 340mm / Refer geometry Colour: Chrome Plated & Black

  • Anna Lee

    SimWorks: Anna Lee Stem

    , ,

    Anna Lee is incomparable for her beauty, a miracle in today's mass produced world. Her body is created by fillet welding to a modern chromoly stem and for that detail she will deeply fascinate you. Available in 2 bodies, 75°or 90°. Made in Japan. High reliability with comfortable handling. Material: CrMo Steel Angle: 75 & 90 deg. Bar Clamp: 31.8mm Post diam.: 28.6mm Post Clamp Height.: 72mm Colour: Chrome Plated & Black

  • getting hungry

    SimWorks: Getting Hungry Stem

    , ,

    We are really sure that we got a revelation from the Bicycle Gods saying, "We need a CrMo quill stem immediately”.

    Some people might say that we just got inspired by something around us, and that is probably true. However, after we got the idea, we had to share it with NITTO. It is rare to see people making this kind of stem with passion, but we think it's is our duty. This stem is for those who laugh and play a lot outside. Probably getting hungry right after. Gettin' Hungry Stem - Lettuce (SW27 / Green Cap) Material: CrMo Steel Extension: 80 ~ 120mm Angle: 90 deg. Bar Clamp: 25.4mm Post diameter: 22.2mm Colour: Silver or Black Gettin' Hungry Stem – Tomato (SW28 / Red Cap) Material: CrMo Steel Extension: 80 ~ 120mm Angle: 75 deg. Bar Clamp: 26.0mm Post diameter: 22.2mm Colour: Silver or Black

  • beatnik

    SimWorks: Beatnik Seatpost

    , ,

    We intendedly use an old manual engraving machine to put the SimWorks logo on our products. Sometimes it appears the mark is crooked and pressed shallowly, because it's not an inferior production. We all know that we are very used to having items with logos which are laser-engraved precisely in these days. However, we would like you to enjoy the taste of craftsmanship through each product we create. Material: Forged Aluminum Post diameter: 27.2mm Offset: 24mm Length: 300 & 350mm Weight: 270, 307g Colour: Silver or Black

  • Daja Cycleworks: Far Bar Handlebar

    , ,

    The Dajia Cycleworks Far Bar is a fantastic, lightweight off-road touring bar designed to be used with road components. Unlike dirt drops of years past, these allow you to have a normal hood position in addition to an easy reach to the brake levers from the drops. These bars are compatible with bar-end shifters as well as integrated shifters.

    The Far Bars have a 21 degrees of flare, drop of 110 mm, and reach of 76 mm.

    These bars are a little different then road bars in terms of measuring the width. The listed width (44 or 48 cm) is measured center of the hoods to center of the hoods.

    The overall width is 585mm for the 44cm model, 625mm for the 48cm model. Weight is 292g.

  • SimWorks: Wonderer Bar

    , ,

    The Wanderer drop holds a shallower reach and drop, for longer grip. It's easier and quicker to move into any position you wish due to the compact cockpit. Especially suited for cyclocross competition, there's nothing better than a handle bar that doesn’t move your body making you able to move your handle bar position easier. Also fitting for smaller riders. Made in Japan. High reliability with comfortable handling. Material: Heat Treated Aluminium Width: 37, 39, 41, 43, 45cm Center diameter: 31.8mm Bar diameter: 24mm Reach: 78mm Drop: 128mm Colour: Gloss Black

  • SimWorks: Calsaga Bar

    , ,

    We think it is very important to have an imagination, both in life and when designing products for bicycles. We enjoy pondering ideas about what we can do differently in the bike industry and about what the future may look like. We made the Calsaga Bar for the adventurous philosopher who thinks the same way we do. First you will ask why, but the answer will not come through discussion or debate, instead it will only come after you have begun your adventure. Material: CrMo Steel Width: 540 & 640mm Center diameter: 25.4mm Bar diameter: 22.2mm Colour: Silver or Black

  • wild honey bar

    SimWorks: Wild Honey Bar

    , ,

    Our Wild Honey Bar has been updated from the NITTO masterpiece, B135. While keeping the same reach, drop and rise, what has changed is the clamp diameter and material; to Heated Aluminum. The wide arm is compatible with an aero bar so your shoulders sit higher, making for a relaxed ride. Wild Honey, with it's compact looks goes with Sportif, Cyclocross, Road, and Fixed Gear. Material: Heat Treated Aluminium Width: 410, 430, 450 & 470mm Center diameter: 31.8mm Bar diameter: 23.8mm Reach: 105mm Drop: 120mm Flare angle: 70deg. Colour: Silver or Black

  • SimWorks: Co-Misirlou Bar

    , ,

    Using the same configuration ans the Misilou bar the ‘Co-Misirlou’ bar clamp size is made slightly smaller at 26.0mm. It will perfectly match the Wendy or Gettin’ Hungry stem. Produced by NITTO. Material : Heat Treated Aluminium Width : 390, 410, 430, 450mm (center - center at ends) Center diam. : 26.0mm Bar diam. : 23.8mm Reach : 85mm Drop : 140mm Color : High-polished Silver & Gloss Black

  • spacers

    SimWorks: With Me (Cr-Mo) Spacers 1 1/8

    , ,

    Wear your heart on your bike. Add a little flair for your love with Me CrMo spacers. 1-1/8″ available in CP Polish or Black.

  • Sim drops

    SimWorks: Sim Drops

    , ,

    If you would like to assemble your bike completely, as you desire, you need to make every little part fit perfect. We, SimWorks, design several beautiful handle bars by Nitto and at the end of these handle bars, you might want to consider Sim Drops. For your safety and precious sparkling riding time. For 22mm diameter Bars. Material: Aluminium Bar inside: 15.5 - 17 mm Colour: Red, Green, Black

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    $29.00 $15.00

    Finn: Smartphone Mount

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    The universal smartphone mount for every bike. Made in Austria. With Finn you can safely and easily mount your smartphone to any handlebar. Thanks to its simple design and high quality material, the mount withstands whatever you throw at it. Every Finn comes with a voucher for a city in the Bike Citizens app. The Bike Citizens app uses the know-how of bike couriers. The bike app is specifically designed for the needs of cyclists in cities. It favours cycle paths and side streets and avoids busy main streets. Get the best routing across the city to make cycling even more comfortable and fun – discover the city from a new perspective!

    $29.00 $15.00
    $29.00 $15.00