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  • $3,899.00

    QWIC: Premium MN330 City


    This powerful elegant QWIC electric bike combines comfort and powerful support. Thanks to the NuVinci pedal switching with 330% switching range, the e-bike offers the right resistance at all times. The fully enclosed chain case ensures that the e-bike requires minimal maintenance. Finally, the Premium MN330 is equipped with hydraulic rim brakes, adjustable handlebar, luxury double-forged front fork and resilient seatpost for comfortable ride-ability.

    Brose’s quiet and very powerful middle engine is fitted with internal belt transmission. This gives the engine a very smooth transmission of its power. The QWIC powered by Brose middle engine offers a torque of almost 90 Nm. The mid-engine has been perfected in recent years for use in the top segment e-bikes. The software developed by QWIC ensures that engine performance is in line with the wishes of the sporty user. The combination with the NuVinci steering wheel ensures that the right resistance is always provided.