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    Rene Herse: The All-Road Bike Revolution Book

    Modern all-road and gravel bikes combine the best of very different types of bike in a single machine. Properties that a few years ago seemed reserved exclusively for racing bikes, touring bikes or mountain bikes can now be combined in one “bike for everything”: high comfort and excellent performance. Speed ​​on smooth asphalt and rough gravel roads. A lively driving experience and the possibility of transporting luggage. A handling that is characterised by directional stability, and yet lends itself agile in the curves when winding downhill passages have to be mastered. In short: a really good bike can do almost anything today. This book explains clearly and practically how and why these new bikes work and what to look out for when choosing frames and components. Author Jan Heine himself played a major role in getting the all-road bike revolution off the ground. As the editor of the influential "Bicycle Quarterly" magazine, he has exposed numerous supposed wisdoms about bicycles as popular misconceptions in recent years. In this book he now shares his collected findings. This makes “One bike for everything” compulsory reading for anyone who is even a little interested in bicycle technology, and a profitable decision-making aid for everyone who is considering buying a bike or parts.
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