• Dec052022

    Christmas Gift Guide 2022

    With the beautiful and thoughtful range of bike products available at Action Bicycle Club, it’s easy to choose a gift to make riding a bike extra special for that someone. Scroll our gift ideas for inspiration.

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  • Nov212022

    Adventure by bike – Which bike?

    So you want to be an (bike) adventurer? Fair play we say! New Zealand has some of the best cycle trails on the planet, now that the world’s borders are opening, far-flung journeys await you too. Read on for the how and why of Adventure Bikes at ABC.

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  • Oct182022
    Dashel Helmets

    Dashel Helmets now in NZ


    We are now stocking Dashel helmets at Action Bicycle Club. Name after the Cornish word for Thistle, the native flower to Cornwall is colourful and protective. These helmets epitomize what a lot of people are looking for in an urban everday bike helmet.

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  • Aug162022

    ABC Guide to Securing your bike


    You’re in love with your bike. You ride it everywhere. Unfortunately for you, there are unsavory characters out there looking for any opportunity to take your joy away. They will never value it as you do. Don’t give them that opportunity to take your precious away, use a decent bike lock!

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  • Jun132022
    custom build by ABC

    ABC Guide to Fenders


    Fenders are being accredited as an ‘accessory’ to cycling like clothing is an accessory to getting around. Rainwater from above can be easily taken care of by appropriate weather gear, but wet grime and splash from the ground will require intensive clean-up. So if you prefer not to mar your sharp fashion style or increase your maintenance, a nice pair of fenders is what you need.

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