• Oct182022
    Dashel Helmets

    Dashel Helmets now in NZ


    We are now stocking Dashel helmets at Action Bicycle Club. Name after the Cornish word for Thistle, the native flower to Cornwall is colourful and protective. These helmets epitomize what a lot of people are looking for in an urban everday bike helmet.

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  • Jun242019

    Winter Biking Essentials


    We know biking is that much trickier during winter, so bundle up with the best gear we have in store and you’ll get home safe, happy and even toasty!

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  • Aug102018

    Mid-drive or Hub drive motors on e-bikes – What’s all the fuss about?


    One of the most common questions that prospective buyers of electric bicycles have, is whether to ‘go mid-drive or hub drive’. Even people who don’t think to ask such a question are often bombarded by friends, sales people, manufacturers etc about which is better. What is it that they’re all on about and why is it even a thing? Maurice from EBike Team in Auckland, our eZee Bike distributor gives you the run down. Originally posted on

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  • Nov242017

    Top 5 things to do in Christchurch in 5 hours

    The heart of Christchurch is evergreen and filled with activities! Here is our Top 5 things to do in Christchurch in 5 hours by bike.

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  • Aug162017

    Goodordering: An interview with Jacqui Ma

    From designing bags for internationally renown brands like Puma and Debenhams to threading a path where cycling meets fashion and fastidious organisation. We pick Jacqui Ma’s thoughts on her life’s intersection with two wheels. 

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  • Mar272017

    An ABC guide to Electric Bikes

    With a extensive range of bikes on the market there is a lot to think about when making your purchase. Here’s our guide on what to consider when buying an electric bike.

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  • Feb092017

    St Velotines Day

    Send someone a little love by bike on St. Velotine’s Day.

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  • Jan062017

    How to Bicycle to Work: A Guide for Women

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  • Sep202016

    Christchurch Coastal Pathway ride

    Once completed, the Christchurch Costal Pathway will be a 6.5km long shared pathway connecting the city cycle network along the coastal edge of Christchurch to Sumner beach. When finished not only will the pathway provide a safe link for people travelling along the causeway it will stimulate economic and natural growth for the area.

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  • Feb092016

    Transportation in Christchurch

    Ever wondered how much it costs you to get to work and back each day? Action Bicycle Club presents Transport in Christchurch – a door to door comparison of roundtrip travel by car, ebike or regular push bike. As our experiment uses the median travel to work distance* for Christchurch, we used the fastest routes from Hoon Hay to Christchurch Central Hospital.

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