Tech tips

  • Mar032021

    Bicycle Maintenance for Beginners.


    Taking care of your bike is important. Here are our favourite easy bicycle maintenance tips for beginners!

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  • Apr202020
    Wheel sets made at Action Bicycle Club

    Wheel Builds


    Bespoke wheel builds from Action Bicycle Club is one of the best upgrade you can make for your bike. Truing and repairs also available.

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  • Mar202020
    what bars

    What Bars Should I Get?


    Often choosing handlebars can be confusing, what’s the difference between Bar A and Bar B? Stores might not stock the complete range and its hard to visualise how it would feel in a multitude of numbers of varying dimensions.

    Thankfully, Whats Bars? With its database of popular handlebars and its ability to superimpose graphically one bar over another aids in comparisons and helps us visualise what the details are in a technical graph that is attractive and compelling. Altogether an invaluable aid to making a decision on what bars.

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