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Find your new commuter bike in NZ at Action Bicycle Club, Christchurch’s best specialist bike shop. View our range of wonderful vintage-style commuter bikes, fixed gear bikes by Cinelli, robust cargo bikes or even get a bike custom-built with SOMA or Velo Orange.

Commuter & Urban Bikes NZ

Give commuting a go at Action Bicycle Club

Commuter bikes are specifically designed to cater to the daily needs of urban and suburban riders traveling to and from work, school, or other routine destinations. Often tailored for comfort and practicality, these bikes typically feature an upright riding position, racks or mounts for panniers, and sometimes fenders to protect against splashes in wet conditions. Many also include integrated lighting or reflective elements to enhance safety in low-light or nighttime settings. One compelling reason to purchase a commuter bike is its potential to revolutionise daily transit. Not only does it offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to motor vehicles or public transport, but it also provides a consistent means of exercise, allowing riders to seamlessly integrate physical activity into their daily routine. Moreover, commuting by bike often helps in circumventing traffic congestion, potentially making the journey quicker and definitely more enjoyable.
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