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We stock an extensive range of electric bikes in Christchurch and NZ from brands we trust. Test ride and buy e bikes at our Christchurch shop with nationwide shipping and full after-sale service. We stock hub and mid-drive ebikes from brands like Cube, Merida, Wattwheels, NCM and more.

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Shop our range of quality e-bikes today at Action Bicycle Club!


An electric bike, or e-bike, integrates an electric motor with a traditional bicycle design, offering pedal assistance that can ease riding, particularly uphill or over long distances. E-bikes run on rechargeable batteries, and the rider can control the level of assistance, which provides flexibility based on the journey or the rider's fitness level. Purchasing an e-bike has many benefits. Firstly, it can make cycling more accessible to people who may find traditional biking too strenuous, including those with physical limitations or those who are older. Secondly, for commuting, it provides a greener, often faster alternative to driving, particularly in congested urban areas. Thirdly, e-bikes offer a way to increase physical activity while also providing the option to ease the effort when needed. Finally, e-bikes can save on transportation costs in the long run, as they require less maintenance and no fuel compared to a car. For these reasons, e-bikes present a flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective mode of transport.
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