Adventure by bike – Which bike?

So you want to be an (bike) adventurer? Fair play we say! New Zealand has some of the best cycle trails on the planet, now that the world’s borders are opening, far-flung journeys await you too.

What are adventure bikes?

Going on an adventure by bike would suggest a venture of excitement and of a remarkable experience. It is a bike ride into unknown territory that carries a level of risk and danger but is often highly rewarding with breathtaking scenery, physical and spiritual growth, and indelible memories.

Adventure bikes are designed with such pursuits in mind, equipping riders so that they can prepare for challenges that lay ahead. Multi-day or even months of riding with difficult terrain and weather conditions require a bike that’s comfortable, capable, and durable with the versatility to carry all that is required for riders to sustain themselves.

While they can be ridden spiritedly, they’re not designed as weight weenies with tight geometries like competitive road bikes where optimising speed is key, nor are they built for high-speed descents like trail MTBs where suspension and technical manoeuvrability is paramount. Instead, a varying mix of the two and as an extension of touring bikes of yore, adventure bikes model their geometries and specifications for effectiveness over long distances of varying terrain – on road and off. They come equipped with a mix of road and mountain bike drivetrains, often fit wider tyres and have the necessary mounting options to carry additional gear such as camping equipment for the self-supported rider. 

Who are they for?

Any intrepid traveller should consider one, while rich in experience, bike adventures are great for both budget and ecologically-minded travelers. Adventure bikes often come with geometries suited for long distances making them also practical everyday bikes.

We stock a range of ready-to-go adventure bikes and can create custom builds from a selection of frame sets.

Cinelli Hobootleg Interrail

Perfect for those longer weekend trips exploring and back-to-work on Monday-everyday commuting. Pure travel geometry for the Interrail means you as the rider get the best out of this machine on every type of terrain, with a perfect wheelbase for long and comfy rides.

Cinelli Hobootleg Geo

The Hobootleg easy travel reaches the most mature and adventure reckless riders. Every detail calls for traveling. The Geo features all the necessities for this bike to be a pioneer in the explosive sector of self-sufficiency travel.

Cinelli Zydeco

Zydeco keeps providing the best for gravel, representing a unique union of road, touring, and gravel-seeking rides. Say Zydeco and you say gravel. Zydeco keeps up with promises, always evolving while keeping true to its soul.

Velo Orange Polyvalent

The Polyvalent is Velo Orange’s “do-it-all” frameset. It is the ideal platform to build a sturdy tourer, practical commuter, comfortable all-day randonneur, or a rugged gravel bike.

The rear end of the bike features dedicated rack and fender mounts. The fork has an elegant French-style bend that features braze-ons for a multitude of mounting options including: Rando-style front racks, side-mounted cargo cages, and low-rider pannier racks.

Velo Orange Pass Hunter

The Pass Hunter is the speediest of our offerings and is designed for light-packing adventures over mountain passes, Sport Touring, and even the weekend club ride!

While this may look like a traditional randonneur, don’t let that elegant Cool Blue and nostalgic 80’s Burgundy paint and metallic logos fool you. This frameset is packed with modern design and features.

Soma Wolverine Type A & B

The original inspiration for the Wolverine was “monster cross”, but it is seriously so much more. Its geometry is stable enough for off-road touring, but sporty enough for all-around adventure and gravel riding. With its sliding dropouts, you can run single-speed, derailleur gearing or hub gearing. The Type-A frame comes with a split seatstay, and is compatible with the Gates Carbon Belt Drive.

Soma Riff

The Riff is our hardtail frame for 27.5″/650b wheels. Geometry is ideal for single track, flowy trails and bikepacking. Tough IRD Broski Sliding Dropouts allow you to go single-speed or geared or even run hub gears. While the industry is telling everyone to get “Boost”, the Riff lets you run old 142mm thru-axle (or even 135mm QR with a different insert). Another retro feature: you can use a front derailleur if you want.

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