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New adventure beckons with ready-to-go or added customisation of shop-built bikes. We stock the best gravel bikes in NZ, with options from Cinelli, SOMA Fabrications, Velo-Orange, Cube Bikes and more.

Gravel & Adventure Bikes

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Gravel and adventure bikes are a hybrid breed of bicycles designed to thrive on varied terrains, bridging the gap between road bikes and mountain bikes. These bikes usually come equipped with drop handlebars, similar to road bikes, but possess wider tires and a more robust frame, akin to mountain bikes, enabling riders to tackle both tarmac and trails. The versatility of gravel and adventure bikes makes them an excellent choice for those seeking one bicycle that can do it all. By purchasing one, riders can indulge in the swift thrill of road cycling, yet also have the freedom to explore off-road paths, forest tracks, and even light singletracks. This adaptability makes them ideal for cyclists looking to diversify their riding experience without investing in multiple specialized bikes, effectively offering a two-in-one cycling solution.
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