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Explore New Zealand like never before with a brand-new touring bike or a custom-built bicycle just for you from Velo Orange, Cinelli, SOMA and Cube Bikes.

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Shop our range of touring bikes at Action Bicycle Club today.

Touring bikes, designed specifically for long-distance cycling, are characterised by their robust construction, typically made from steel or aluminum, which allows for enhanced durability and load capacity. Equipped with rack systems and multiple attachment points, these bikes can carry substantial gear, from camping essentials to personal items, facilitating self-sufficient travel. Prioritising rider comfort, touring bikes feature a relaxed, upright geometry, wider, more padded saddles, and adjustable handlebars to minimise fatigue during extended periods of cycling. Additionally, they possess a wide gear range to tackle varied terrains and wider, durable tires for increased stability, traction, and shock absorption on uneven surfaces. These collective features distinguish touring bikes, ensuring they're tailored for self-supported, long-distance journeys.
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