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  • Base hire for a city bike starts at $30 for 5 hours with add-ons available for day, overnight or long-term hire.
  • Base hire for a hardtail mountain bike starts at $45 for 5 hours with add-ons available.
  • Base hire for an electric bike starts at $55 for 5 hours with add-ons available.
  • We have a range of children’s bikes and child carry options available.


Bookings need to be confirmed by phone or email. We are open Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5.00pm and Saturday from 10am – 2pm. We are closed on Sunday.


City Bike $30 $40 $60 $80 $100 $120 $140 $160 + $20/1 day
Hardtail Bike $45 $55 $85 $115 $145 $175 $205 $235 + $30/1 day
Electric City Bike $55 $75 $115 $155 $195 $235 $275 $315 + $40/1 day
Electric MTB Bike $75 $95 $135 $175 $215 $255 $295 $335 + $40/1 day
  • Saturday rentals are limited to 5 hours
  • 1 day rentals are between 8:30am and 5pm weekdays
  • Kids seats, spare batteries are charged at $20 per day
cybele step thru commuter bicycle


  • 17:29″ (S-M)
  • 19:29″ (L-XL)
  • Bosch CX motor system
  • Up to 100km Range
  • Front 100mm Suspension
  • Wide range MTB gears


  • Step-thru (S-XL)
  • Up to 35kmph
  • Powerful hub-drive for hills
  • Front Suspension, Rear carrier
  • Internal gears & hybrid tyres


  • 17:29″ (S-M)
  • 19:29″ (L-XL)
  • Cross Country configuration
  • Rox-Shock front suspension
  • Wide range gears
  • Plus tyres for grip and control


  • 45cm (S-L)
  • Upright comfort riding
  • Basket and rear rack
  • 3 frame styles
  • 3 speed nexus gear


Bike hire is the simplest way to discover the city of Christchurch! Choose from our city, off-road trail mountain bikes or electric bikes. See and do more with of our maps, guides, and offerings. Our store is centrally located. Short and long term rentals options available.


Self Guided Bike Tour:
The Regenerating Garden City

Christchurch is a lush paradise that delivers one of most beautiful Botanic Gardens of the world. Take a journey back to the time that dramatically changed Christchurch with an included entry pass to Quake City exhibition through to the 21st century city emerging today. Book Now >

Self Guided Bike Tour:
Sumner Beach Gourmet Picnic Ride

Visit the shorelines and beaches of Christchurch by bike. The Christchurch Coastal Pathway offer a smooth separated cycle ride from the city towards the suburb of Sumner, where you can stroll down the beaches and stop for a swim and a picnic made up of delicacies from local Christchurch suppliers. Finishing with a gourmet ice-cream. Book Now >

Guided Bike Tour:
The Garden City – Central

Christchurch is a lush paradise that delivers one of most beautiful Botanic Gardens in the world. Take a journey back to the time that dramatically changed Christchurch to the ever changing city growing today. Book Now >


A form of ID or your passport

A helmet, lock and basket will be supplied with every bike. Don’t forget your camera!

Lots of Energy!

  • We had great bikes and great advice from this friendly shop in Christchurch. Only a couple of minutes walk from the bus stop.  We all got to try our bikes before taking away to make sure we were happy.
    Alice B
  • Ken at ABC is just great, lovely and friendly and will show you the key attractions on a map and give you tips and directions. We brought our bikes back almost a day late we were having so much fun exploring Christchurch.
  • Hired an ebike for the day, had tremendous fun riding in and out of Christchurch, got to see a lot more than i would have otherwise, great way to tour the area. Really good, easy bike to ride.
    Ben Lilburne
  • Had a great two days cycling. Really excellent, friendly service from staff who cared about me having the best experience possible. The bike was ideal for Chch. Rode out to Sumner, Brighton, Belfast and Hornby, mostly on good cycle paths or lanes. Also popped it on the front of a bus to Lyttelton, then cycled round to Diamond Harbour. Seat not quite as comfy as it looks, but overall great bike. Would recommend. Faster than a mountain bike.
    Karen Margetts

ABC bike hire is open Mon – Fri from 08:00 – 5:30 and Sat from 10:00am – 4:00pm. Sunday rentals should be booked in advance Visiting us to rent a bike is subject to availability. Book in advance through our booking system online to avoid disappointment. You can do this by visiting our website or call us  (+64 03 261 9197) or email us.

We accept online payment with Credit/Debit cards. We accept Cash/Debit cards and cash payments in store. Upon initial payment as outlined in the contract, you agree to the bike hire Contract’s Terms and Conditions.

Without insurance you may be charged up to NZD$500.00 for replacing equipment in case of theft or severe damage. You may be charged up to NZD$2000 for electric, mountain bike or other special cycles. In the event of theft, you will have to lodge a report to the police. We require a copy of the declaration to process insurance claims.

Cancellation without charge are permitted 12 hours before the programmed rental time. In the case of severe weather, you may request for a cancellation without charge. We reserve the final decision. • Cancellations within 12 hours prior to programmed rental time will incur a cancellation fee of NZD$15.00 bicycle. In the case of no-show, or no cancellation requests will result in full rental fees by the stated rental time.

Our Responsibilities
• We will ensure that all bicycles and equipment presented to you will be in good working order. Before you ride off, we will provide you with a clear brief regarding traffic rules and safety conduct. At any stage of your Rental Contract, we will do our utmost to assist you in any cycle related queries or incidents. We cannot be made liable for any injury / damages or death caused to/by the client during the Rental Contact. By renting the bicycle you agree to indemnify us for claims for bodily injury or harm, accidents or loss of personal belongings caused by weather, sickness, or any acts of god caused to/by the client during the hire period. To ensure your safety as well as the safety of others, we reserve the right to reject any customer we deem unsuitable to rent our bicycle. Any payment will be refunded.

Your Responsibilities
• You must be over 18 years old to sign this Rental Contract. You must be the parent or legal guardian of any minors and provide consent for them to be party to this Contract. Be familiar with NZ Transport Agency road rules for cycling. A helmet is included in the hire of the bicycle and must be worn when riding, as required by New Zealand law. Ensure that you have inspected the bicycle and the equipment for any defect that may impact its road fitness. The rented bicycles and equipment may only be used by the designated customer and the members of his/her party as mentioned in the Rental Contract. You are obliged to good care of the rented equipment and to protect it from damage, loss or theft.   Bikes for urban use must be securely locked at all times when unattended, passing the lock through the frame and attaching the bike to a fixed object like a cycle parking, post or fence. It is highly recommend to keep the bikes secured at all times especially during over-night rentals.If any puncture occurs during the hire, you are supplied with a spare tub and repair kit, use of this will not incur a fee. Please remember to bring a copy of your contract with you upon returning the bike. Bikes and accessories are returned in the same condition it was in at the start of rental, subject to reasonable wear and tear. Bikes and accessories are returned to us at our shop. (There is a retrieval fee of NZD$15.00 per bicycle) Bikes and accessories are returned timely as stated in the terms of the Rental Contract.

Applicable law
The laws of New Zealand govern this Rental Contract.   You have consumer rights conferred by the Fair Trading Act 1986 and neither this clause nor any other provision of the Rental Contract excludes, restricts or modifies any implied terms or rights You may have under that Act or any other consumer legislation.

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