• Aug312019

    Coffee Outside Christchurch


    Christchurch is your city too! Its public spaces and its cycle facilities are yours to use. Places that you just won’t stop by with your car but would very much enjoy biking to. Make friends with active locals who care very much for this city and spend a relaxing morning connecting with people.

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  • Jun092017

    Post Event Write Up: Go By Bike Breakfast Winter Edition

    Check out those smiles! 100 donuts, 17L coffee and plenty more happy cyclists starting the day with a bang. You guys rock! #gobybikechch

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  • May182017

    Go By Bike Breakfast: Winter Edition

    On the 7th of June, Action Bicycle Club, Sailor’s Son coffee and RDU have teamed up to bring you a Go By Bike Breakfast. As your heading in to work, pop down to the corner of Madras, St Asaph and High Streets and grab yourself a free muffin and a coffee.

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  • Mar092017

    Christchurch Go By Bike Day

    Christchurch Go-By-Bike Day. 160 muffins, 13L of coffee, 2 loaves of sourdough, and over 200 smiles served on bikes.

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  • Feb092017

    St Velotines Day

    Send someone a little love by bike on St. Velotine’s Day.

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  • Nov042016

    Low Geared Coffee


    Every Saturday for the month of November from 9am to 1pm. Join Catarina Gutierrez & The Sailor’s Son for slow, hand poured coffee at the Action Bicycle Club.

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  • Oct172016

    Explore FESTA on a bike

    See FESTA (Festival of Transitional Architecture) this weekend by bicycle. Hire a bicycle for a full day and get another 48 hours free!

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  • Jul172016

    Tips For Maintaining Your Bike

    Ask most women (and most likely quite a few men too) about how to go about maintaining their bike and they probably won’t have much of a clue. For a long time, I was part of that ‘in the dark group’ too.

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  • Jun242016

    Winter Solstice Late Night Bike Ride

    5th annual Christchurch NZ Solstice Night Light bike ride

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  • Feb042016

    Go By Bike 2016

    Celebrate your freedom of mobility and do your part to promote an active and savvy lifestyle for everyone.

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