St Velotines Day

Send someone a little love by bike on St. Velotine’s Day.

Next Tuesday, February 14th, is St. Velotine’s Day! We couldn’t imagine a better way of celebrating the bike love than offering our bike shop as a pop-up couriering agency dedicated to appreciation and positive community spirit.

From February 8th until February 14th at 4:00pm, you can stop in to Action Bicycle Club and order a velotine ($10 donation). On St. Velotine’s Day, our friends at Energy Messenger will deliver your velotine by bike.

Has an organisation done something exceptional that you want to cheer in a way that no mere email could convey? Did a neighbour collect your mail over the recent summer holidays? Could a friend use a little moral boost dealing with a tough life moment?

How Does It Work?

  1. Think of someone—a person or an organisation—to send your velotine to. Who are you thankful for? Who do you love, respect, or admire? Or is there that someone in your life who simply gives a great high five?
  2. Stop into our bike shop (8 Walker Street, Central Christchurch 9:00am-6:00pm) and ask us for a velotine form. Write down your message and delivery details, and give your donation ($10). Deliveries need to be within the Christchurch Inner Suburbs. (3km radius of the CBD)

Before delivery day, we’ll type up your message up on a snazzy velotine. On February 14th, our crew of bike couriers will deliver your note with a smile.

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