Women on Bikes

  • Apr112018

    Generation Zero: An interview with Francesca & Rosalee


    Generation Zero is a nationwide, youth-led climate advocacy group who want to see our country on track to a carbon-neutrality by 2050! Since April last year, Rosalee Jenkin and Francesca Bradley have been knee-deep in Generation Zero’s national campaign for a climate change law. Then, in December last year our new Government laid out its plan to develop and pass the Zero Carbon Act into law. On top of all this both Rosalee and Francesca are passionate cyclists. We got the inside story on life in the saddle.

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  • Aug162017

    Goodordering: An interview with Jacqui Ma

    From designing bags for internationally renown brands like Puma and Debenhams to threading a path where cycling meets fashion and fastidious organisation. We pick Jacqui Ma’s thoughts on her life’s intersection with two wheels. 

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  • Mar172017

    Overcoming my dress and bike dilemma

    What’s your favourite outfit when riding your bike and how do you overcome the dress and bike dilemma?

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  • Jan062017

    How to Bicycle to Work: A Guide for Women

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  • Nov082016

    Back to the beginning

    I first fell in love with biking within weeks of moving to Shanghai. I had never seen so many cyclists in my life and I was curious to see for myself what all the fuss was about. I bought my first bike quickly – it was a Shanghai Forever.

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  • Jul172016

    Tips For Maintaining Your Bike

    Ask most women (and most likely quite a few men too) about how to go about maintaining their bike and they probably won’t have much of a clue. For a long time, I was part of that ‘in the dark group’ too.

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  • Feb052016

    Me and my Ebike

    Zooming along on my ebike often turns heads. With your car window down I hear you commenting to your passenger “Look at that girl with her motorized bike!”. I see your look of amazement as I zip past you on the streets. The smile on your face as I gently breeze through Hagley Park. I’m glad you noticed me!

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