How to Bicycle to Work: A Guide for Women

As humans, we feel inspired when we see others seamlessly master the seemingly impossible, convincing us we too can accomplish what was previously perceived as difficult. For us at ABC one of those people is Sydney blogger and master of riding in short skirts and heels Velo-a-Porter. And we’re glad to see she has combined all her favourite tips and tricks for cycling to work into a handy little e-book. How to Bicycle to Work: A Guide for Women. If you are thinking of making the transition from car to bike this year be sure to have a read.

How to Bicycle to Work: A Guide for Women
By Sarah H. Imm

Thinking about bicycling to work and in clothing suitable for the office? Not interested in wearing lycra because it emphasises everything that you want to hide? Not sure where to buy a bicycle or how much to spend? What about the mystery of keeping hair and clothing in place and keeping sweat at bay? Women are free to choose a career, education, life partner. Why not choose the bicycle for even greater freedom? If you’ve had any of these thoughts or are interested in making a sustainable change for yourself, you’ve found a solution with “How to Bicycle to Work – A Guide for Women”.

Sarah Imm, founder of the lifestyle brand Vélo-à-Porter, goes on to explain how riding in the rain is possible and preferable to taking public transport or driving in today’s congested cities. With good humour, the author explains in detail how it can be done. The author has done so for five years in Sydney, one of the most bicycle-unfriendly cities on the planet. Included are photos which show her in clothing suitable for the office, usually a dress and heels, bicycling around the City of Sydney. She’s searched for the best ways to carry her belongings to the office, figured out how to wear a skirt and heels on a bike and has a series of tests for choosing a great bicycle shop. Knowing how to bicycle and being able to ride to a few destinations already will make this book more helpful to readers.

Available on Kindle and Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Scribd.


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