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    Cinelli: Vigorelli Frameset Fixed Gear

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    The Cinelli Vigorelli Steel – introduced to the public in 2017 after more than a year of development and testing with Team Cinelli Chrome – is the first production bike in the world designed specifically for fixed gear criteriums. It is characterized above all by its extraordinary handling abilities in technical racing conditions.

    At the heart of the Vigorelli Steel’s precise race handling, are two distinguishing innovations: - a re-tuned, fixed-gear crit specific, track geometry. The new geometry features a higher bottom bracket and increased fork rake, further reducing toe overlap and providing a more stable ride quality; a response to ever higher race speeds at events such as the Red Hook Criterium. - the use of Columbus Cromolly steel tubing for the frame’s construction. Steel is soul of the new Vigorelli’s performance. The naturally superior elasticity of Columbus’s cold-drawn steel allows for the frame to better absorb vibrations and other disturbances from the road’s surface, particularly in moments when the frame is subject to the greatest deformation and stress (in the three stages of cornering).

    Practically speaking, competitive riders will immediately draw confidence from the absence of the notorious “oversteering” usually associated with technical cornering of track bikes and the way in which, in deceleration leading into a corner, the rear wheel skips and skids less, “hugging” the surface of the road more completely, thus improving rider control.

  • Soma Fabrications: Rush Frameset


    The Rush has a swift geometry and stiff chassis, but the smooth riding blend of lightweight chromoly tubes makes it at home on chewed-up asphalt as much as the velodrome.

    The current iteration has side-tacked seatstays and S-bend chainstays for more crank clearance and tire clearance. To cap off its more vintage Keirin-inspired look, Soma matched the Rush frame with a threaded fork to allow you to equip it with a clean-looking quill stem. Allow up to 4 weeks for your order to be shipped.

  • Soma Fabrications: Grand Randonneur Frameset


    Soma's Grand Randonneur is a true low trail geometry randonneuring frame set, which means it rides better with a front load than other touring and road bikes. Co-designed with Mike Kone of Rene Herse/Boulder Bicycles. It will fit all the gadgets a good rando bike should have. The traditional diameter tubes lend a smooth comfortable ride. Allow up to 4 weeks for your order to be shipped.

  • Soma Fabrications: ES – Extra Smooth Road Frame


    The "ES" means 'extra smooth.' It might not be as quick handling as the Sour Smoothie or other dedicated race frames, but it is still quite fast and you'll actually gain valuable stability on speedy descents and the ability to fit wider tires. An ideal choice for multi-day charity rides, centuries, credit card touring and fast commuting. For 2016, we have shaved the number of sizes a little, but have kept the hard to find 66cm size.. Allow up to 4 weeks for your order to be shipped.

  • Soma Fabrications: New Albion Privateer Frame


    New Albion makes great looking and affordable steel frames. This is a versatile butted CrMo steel frame that can be built up as a medium duty tourer, a fast commuter, or a classic roadster. It has a lower bottom bracket height than a CX bike and lighter tubing than a fully loaded touring bike, so it handles more like a road bike than either of those. A blend of fun and practicality. - Tange Infinity double butted CrMo steel main tubes; tapered CrMo rear tubes - Fits racks and fenders - Three sets of water bottle bosses - Extra tall headtube makes upright builds look better - Pump peg on headtube - Horizontal dropouts allows for geared, internal geared and single-speed builds - Will handle tires up to 700x41c - Designed for cantilever brakes (or "v-brakes") - Optional fork available (Lugged sloping crown, 50mm rake, low rider pannier braze-ons, double eyelets at dropouts) (Frame is compatible with forks that have a 390-400mm axle to crown with 44 - 50mm rake/offset) Allow up to 6 weeks for your order to be shipped.

  • Soma Fabrications: Double Cross


    A great do-all frame. Ready for cyclo-cross, trail-riding, commuting and medium-duty loaded touring. Comes in a wide range of sizes to fit you right -- up to 66cm! In 2017, we increased tire clearance slightly and added stiffer, lighter dropouts. We have also added an ED coating to the insides of our frames for long term protection against rust. 52 in stock. Allow up to 6 weeks for other sizes to be shipped.

  • Soma Fabrications: Wolverine Frame


    The original inspiration for the Wolverine was "monster cross", but it is seriously so much more. Its geometry is stable enough for off-road touring, but sporty enough for all-around adventure. With its sliding dropouts, you can turn it into a single-speed CX bike. With a split seatstay, it is compatible with the Gates Carbon Belt Drive. New v.3.0 has the new and robust IRD Broski Dropouts. Soma have also switched up the welding method to keep more of the tube's overall strength. Allow up to 6 weeks for your order to be shipped.