Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Commuter Bike in New Zealand

As New Zealand continues to invest in separated cycleways, the appeal for commuting by bike has never been more potent. These dedicated lanes not only make the journey safer but also expedite travel, often making it faster than taking the car, especially during rush hours. But the perks don’t end with speed and safety; cycling is also an excellent exercise and a stress buster that positively impacts mental health.

Why Commuting by Bike is a Game-Changer

Separated Cycleways: A New Dawn

The ongoing development of separated cycleways in cities like Auckland and Wellington is proving to be a game-changer. These cycleways help segregate the bike traffic from motor vehicles, making it significantly safer and more convenient to commute by bike. It’s a progressive step toward promoting a cycling culture in urban New Zealand.

Health and Mental Wellness

Beyond being an efficient means of transport, cycling to work or for errands can contribute to your daily exercise goals. It’s not just about physical health; the daily rides are also beneficial for mental health, offering a break from the sedentary lifestyle that many of us lead.

What to Look for When Buying a Commuting Bike or Electric Bike


A step-thru frame bike offers easy mounting and dismounting, making it a convenient choice for riders of all ages and abilities, especially those wearing skirts or dresses. Its lower centre of gravity also provides enhanced stability, making it a popular option for urban commuting, casual rides, and errands. 
How to choose the best bike for you

Gear System

In a hilly terrain city like Wellington, you’ll want a bike with multiple gears. However, if you’re mostly going to ride through flat areas like Christchurch a 3-speed bike could suffice.

Battery Life (For Electric Bikes)

If you’re considering an electric bike, take note of the battery range. Make sure it’s enough to cover your daily commuting distance on a single charge.

Safety Features

Regardless of whether you opt for a traditional bike or an electric one, safety is paramount. Look for built-in lights, reflectors, and reliable brakes.

Must-Have Accessories and Gear

  1. Panniers and Baskets: These are perfect for carrying groceries, work essentials, or even your little ones if you’re a parent on the go. 
    – Basil: Stylish and well priced- Ortlieb: Heavy duty, long lasting

  2. High-Quality Locks: Given that you’ll be using the bike for commuting, investing in a durable, secure lock is crucial to protect against theft.
    Read more about our lock recommendations here

  3. Waterproof Clothing: Given New Zealand’s unpredictable weather, waterproof clothing or a rain jacket that can easily be stored in a pannier is a must.

  4. Helmets: Safety comes first. Always wear a certified and comfortable helmet.
    – Nutcase: Urban street style with funky designs
    – Dashel: Stylish and chic
    – Giro: Unisex, universal designs

  5. Water Bottle Holder: Staying hydrated is crucial, especially during summer. A water bottle holder can be easily attached to most bike frames.

  6. Phone Holder: For navigation or simply keeping your phone within arm’s reach, a phone holder can be quite convenient.

  7. Multi-tool Kit: A small, portable tool kit can help you handle minor repairs while on the move.

  8. Lights and Reflectors: If you didn’t opt for a bike with built-in lights, it’s essential to fit your bike with bright front and rear lights along with reflectors for maximum visibility.
    Read more about our light range here

Where Do I Start?

As separated cycleways continue to evolve and expand across New Zealand, now is the perfect time to make the switch to a commuting bike. Not only is it an eco-friendly alternative to driving, but it also adds a fitness element to your daily routine. Whether you opt for a traditional bike or an electric one, ensure it aligns with your daily commuting needs and is equipped with all the essential accessories for a convenient and safe ride.

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