ABC Guide to Securing your bike

You’re in love with your bike. You ride it everywhere. Unfortunately for you, there are unsavory characters out there looking for any opportunity to take your joy away. They will never value it as you do. Don’t give them that opportunity to take your precious away, use a decent bike lock!

Bike Theft Mitigation

Sold Secure

Sold Secure is dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by the assessment of security products through manual attack testing. Manufacturers and suppliers can apply to have products approved by Sold Secure. Products that have been satisfactorily assessed may bear the coveted Sold Secure Approved quality mark.

Security Ratings

The highest level of theft resistance including use of specialist tools (aimed at preventing the most destructive attacks that could include angle grinders)

Offering theft resistance against a dedicated tool list (aimed at preventing dedicated attacks)

Offering theft resistance against an enhanced tool list (aimed at preventing more determined attacked)

Offering theft resistance against a basic tool list (aimed at preventing opportunist crime)

529 Garage

529 Garage is a free and easy-to-use portal that enables you to register your bike details, such as photos, descriptions and serial numbers in minutes.

Once registered, you can obtain a unique 529 Garage code on a tamper-resistant shield that sticks to your bike.

This shield acts as a warning sign to thieves to back off because the bike is registered and Police will have no trouble identifying it’s stolen.

Some of the other great advantages of registering your bike with 529 Garage:

  • Your bike will be included in a secure nationwide database.
  • If your bike gets stolen, you can use 529 Garage to send an app notification to the local 529 community, and have all the details on hand to report the theft to the Police.
  • If someone sees your bike, they can contact you anonymously through the app, or you can choose to display your contact information.
  • 529 Garage makes it easy for Police to return your bike to you if it’s found.
  • You can use the database to check if a second-hand bike you’re considering purchasing has been flagged as stolen.

Download the 529 Garage app

Visit the App Store (Apple)(external link) or the Google Play Store (Android)(external link) on your smartphone and download the 529 Garage app to register your bike now.

Abus Locks

ABUS offers the right bike lock for every need.

Starting with basic protection up to high-tech locks in terms of anti-theft protection. ABUS covers the full range of bicycle security with high-quality U-locks, chain locks and folding locks as well as armored cable, spiral cable and cable locks.

Security Ratings


Locks with a rating between 1-4 provide basic protection against theft and are best suited for areas of low risk. These locks are often intended for use on children’s bikes, as a secondary locking option or as an accessory lock such as a helmet or seat leash.


Locks with a security level between 5-9 offer an extra level of security and are the most appropriate areas of medium to low theft risk and for use on good to entry-level adult bikes. These locks are also recommended as secondary locking options in areas of high-theft risk when used with a higher-rated lock for added security.


Bicycle locks with a security dial rating between 10-15 offer the maximum protection and are intended for use with higher-end bicycles, bikes locked in urban areas, and for use in areas of high-theft risk. Fifteen (15) is the maximum bicycle security and is represented by a completely red dial.


Hiplok work closely with experts in the field and security accreditation testing houses around the world such as Sold Secure, to help ensure Hiplok bike lock designs are as secure as possible for their purpose.

The outcome of the tests also result in a bike lock being awarded Gold, Silver, Bronze (or if not successful, they are “unrated”). This tiered-system is an extremely useful guide for cyclists when choosing a lock, particularly as it is consistent and independent of different brands.

At Hiplok, we’re proud to say that all of our chain locks, D locks and home storage products have been awarded a Sold Secure rating and we offer different locks at different levels depending on riders’ needs and budgets.

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