Neutrino: The Game-Changing Commuter Bike NZ Has Been Waiting For

In New Zealand’s cities, commuter bikes are continuously adapting to suit daily riders. Yet occasionally, a bike like Velo Orange’s Neutrino appears, offering a fresh take on urban commuting.

What Makes the Neutrino Special?

At first glance, the Neutrino is an oddity in the cycling world. Its frame seems small, combining elements of BMX and road-style construction. This unique design, however, is precisely what sets it apart as a commuter bike. It’s small enough to navigate tight spaces and crowded streets, yet robust enough to handle daily cycling in a city like Christchurch or Auckland.

The Neutrino’s 20-inch wheels excel in durability. Their smaller diameter contributes to increased strength, making them well-suited for navigating New Zealand’s deteriorating roads and challenging infrastructure. When equipped with tires over 2 inches thick, this bike is built to withstand extremely tough conditions.

Why Choose the Neutrino as Your Commuter Bike in NZ?


Designed for city commuting, the bike also handles well on gravel and trails, despite its small wheel size and steep front angle. These features allow for a range of custom builds to suit different conditions. Its adaptability makes it a reliable choice for the diverse cycling environments often found in New Zealand cities.


While the bike’s BMX-style geometry may require some getting used to, its 4130 frame provides the sturdiness you need to tackle any urban environment. Whether you’re navigating through construction sites or dodging potholes, the Neutrino has your back.


The Neutrino is not just about getting from point A to point B; it’s about doing so with comfort and convenience. Its design allows for easy mounting and dismounting, and its small size makes it easy to store, whether at home or the office.

Community Building

As more people turn to cycling as a sustainable form of transport, the Neutrino serves as a conversation starter. Its unique design garners attention and can help you connect with fellow cyclists, fostering a sense of community that’s essential in today’s fast-paced world.

Customisation and Building Your Dream Commuter

One of the Neutrino’s most exciting features is its capacity for customisation. The bike comes with sliding, 135mm QR dropouts, giving you the flexibility to go for geared, single-speed, or internally geared setups. You’re not just buying a bike; you’re investing in a platform that you can adapt to your specific needs and preferences. From the Utility Bars and Rack to the drivetrain, you can make the Neutrino truly your own.

Available as a frameset, the bike beckons enthusiasts to let their imagination run wild. Whether you aim to craft an all-conditions commuter or a bike optimised for light touring, there are virtually no limits.

The frameset is designed to be compatible with a variety of drivetrains, specifically engineered for smaller wheels. This flexibility extends to seatposts and front derailleurs as well, providing a broad canvas for personalised builds. Specialty components can add a layer of luxury and heightened performance to your custom creation.

Crafting the Dream Commuter

Imagine a bike designed with commuting, travelling, and weekend gravel rides in mind. In this ideal setup, the frame would be built for comfort and stability, crucial for long commutes or rides on varied terrains. A diverse crankset would give you a range of gears to tackle everything from steep hills to flat roads.

For those who value reliability, durable rims and high-grip tires could be chosen to withstand different road conditions. The handlebars and stem would be ergonomic, ensuring comfort on those longer journeys. A high-quality shifter and derailleur system would allow for seamless gear transitions, making your ride smooth and enjoyable.

But practicality is just as important as performance. A front rack would offer ample space for a handlebar bag or basket, perfect for carrying work essentials or provisions for a weekend adventure.

Freedom in a Compact Package

Many people are moving towards a car-less lifestyle, and the Neutrino is the perfect companion for this transition. Its ability to carry loads efficiently – thanks to its Utility Bar and Rack – means you can do your grocery shopping or carry extra clothes without worrying about stability or handling.

The Neutrino as an Entry Point to Cycling

For those new to the cycling community, with its user-friendly design and straightforward functionality, the Neutrino offers a stress-free introduction to cycling. The bike’s forgiving nature makes it approachable for riders of all skill levels, providing an easy pedalling experience.

Discover the Neutrino at Action Bicycle Club

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The Neutrino is a prime example of the innovative, high-performance bikes we offer. But we’re not just about selling bikes; we’re passionate about cycling and its potential to transform urban living. Our full-service bike workshop ensures that your Neutrino stays in top condition, and our loyalty rewards program gives you more reasons to shop with us. Visit Action Bicycle Club today and see how we’re stirring up the action for all things cycling.

Revolutionise Your Commute

The Neutrino is more than just a bike; it’s a statement about what urban commuting could be. It challenges conventional notions of what a commuter bike should look like, offering a fresh, exciting alternative that is incredibly functional and versatile. If you’re in New Zealand and considering a new commuter bike, the Neutrino should be at the top of your list.

Ask us for a non-obligation Neutrino build quote today. Contact us here and check out our custom bike build gallery here.

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