Top 5 things to do in Christchurch in 5 hours

From the beautiful Botanic gardens to the new terraces that line the Avon River. The heart of the city is evergreen and filled with activities. Best explored on an ABC rental bike, here is our top 5 things to do in Christchurch in 5 hours.

Although the 2011 earthquake has forever changed the city scape and signs of its effects still remain visible. The city of Christchurch is rapidly redefining itself as a resilient city full of wonder both old and new. Take full advantage of the new and safe cycleways to cover all the sights and sounds only a bicycle can do.

Our recommended route for the top 5 things to do in Christchurch in 5 hours gives you a few ideas of what is possible but the best part of taking our bikes is the freedom to ride wherever you heart takes you. Be pleasantly surprised and awaken your adventure. You can also ask us for any tips and advice for your particular interests.

1. Hagley Park / Botanic Gardens

By far the most enjoyable place to ride a bike in Christchurch. Inhale pure South Island air in a quiet, enchanting lap of Hagley Park. If you have a little extra time under your belt park up your bikes and head into the Botanic Gardens. Our favourite spots to get lost in are the conservatories such as the tropical Cunningham House.

Cunningham House contains fine collections of sub tropical plants

2. Arts Precinct

Located down Worcester Boulevard is an array of art and cultural attractions. Take a walk around the newly restored Arts Centre. Be sure to visit the small locally owned boutiques like Shopology and Frances Nation Shop.

Just across the road is the Christchurch Art Gallery, the public art gallery of the city and tucked behind it is the Centre of Contemporary Art (COCA) showing innovative, explorative and sometimes confounding art that will become important pieces of history.

Take our word for it and head across the road to Everyday Dose (44 Hereford St) for their coffee, famous sweet treats and refreshing interior.

Discover the small businesses nestled within the Arts Centre complex

3. New Regent Street

Originally opened in 1932, New Regent Street in central Christchurch is Spanish Mission heritage architecture and home to an exciting range of boutique businesses. New Regent St is the ideal place to take some time out and stroll through the cafes and shops down the street.

4. Margaret Mahy Playground

There is a little kid in all of us including the biggest adults. This state-of-the-art playground is a pitt stop everyone must make, even if you just choose to take in the surroundings.

Childrens water feature in action at the Margaret Mahy playground

5. South Town

On the fringe of the CBD a new underground food, art and shopping culture is emerging. Welles Street will complete the city loop as you head back to ABC to drop your bike. The modern take on a local pub named after the street itself (Welles Street) is a must for its bicycle margarita before poking your nose into Fable Store and The Welder Collective. Both popping up in industrial buildings.

Over on the west side of South Town and neighbours to ABC Park Ranger will fix you up with a coffee and some to die for chocolate brownie. It’s a perfect pick me up if you are feeling a little hot after all that biking.

Visit Welles St for its photo worthy exterior and bike margaritas

Fable Store & The Welder Collective popup in South Town


Trip Distance: ~ 10km
Recommended time: ~ 3 to 5 hrs
Difficulty: Easy, light traffic

For more trips outside the central city and to rent a bike check out our rental page here.

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