• Aug102018

    Hub motors and mid-drive motors on electric bicycles – What’s that all about?

    One of the most common questions that prospective buyers of electric bicycles have, is whether to ‘go mid-drive or hub drive’. Even people who don’t think to ask such a question are often bombarded by friends, sales people, manufacturers etc about which is better. What is it that they’re all on about and why is it even a thing? Maurice from EBike Team in Auckland, our eZee Bike distributor gives you the run down. Originally posted on

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  • Apr112018

    Generation Zero: An interview with Francesca & Rosalee

    Generation Zero is a nationwide, youth-led climate advocacy group who want to see our country on track to a carbon-neutrality by 2050! Since April last year, Rosalee Jenkin and Francesca Bradley have been knee-deep in Generation Zero’s national campaign for a climate change law. Then, in December last year our new Government laid out its plan to develop and pass the Zero Carbon Act into law. On top of all this both Rosalee and Francesca are passionate cyclists. We got the inside story on life in the saddle.

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  • Apr052018

    CCC Long Term Plan: Have Your Say

    The Christchurch City Council Long Term Plan is open for Submissions until 13 April 2018. The Long Term Plan has delayed the completion of the Major Cycleways Project until the middle of 2028. Why wait for these benefits? Tell the Council you would like the Cycleways delivered sooner by submitting on the LTP.

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  • Nov242017

    Top 5 things to do in Christchurch in 5 hours

    The heart of Christchurch is evergreen and filled with activities! Here is our Top 5 things to do in Christchurch in 5 hours by bike.

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  • Sep272017

    St Asaph Street – Why we are concerned

    The Council’s Infrastructure Transport and Environment Committee is calling for community feedback after being approached by businesses to install more car parking down St Asaph Street. Read on to understand why we are worried and how you can help. 

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