Velo Orange: Nouveau Randonneur Bar Handlebar

Velo Orange: Nouveau Randonneur Bar Handlebar


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With comfortable fit characteristics such as shorter reach, shallow drop, and a mellow backsweep, the Nouveau Randonneur Handlebar is optimally designed for long days and nights for riders using integrated shifters and aero brake levers.

The tops are ovalised and swept back ever so slightly from the stem clamp. This makes for a bigger area upon which your hands can rest. A wider palm base means road vibrations and impacts are distributed better and not centralised into a specific spot effectively reducing hand, wrist, and elbow fatigue. Additionally, the sweep lends itself better (than a straight top) to your hands’ natural resting position.

The ramps are 105mm in length (measured from the centre of the bend to the edge of the ramp). This gives enough real estate for a full hand’s worth of a position behind the hood for cruising, but short enough to easily reach the hood for shifting, braking, and out of the saddle efforts. Measuring traditionally (from the centre of the stem clamp to the furthest edge of the brake lever hood mount) the reach is 85mm.

The 128mm worth of drop is casual and the 12 degree worth of flare makes for terrific cornering stability and prevents your forearms from hitting the bars during punchy efforts or obstacle negotiation.

The Nouveau Randonneur Bar is available in three sizes (measured centre to centre at the hood): 42cm, two finishes: High-Polished Silver and Smooth Noir, and accepts standard road components such as integrated shifters, aero brake levers, and bar-end shifters.

Widths (measured centre-to-centre at the hoods): 42cm
Backsweep: 5 degrees
Ramp length: 105mm
Traditional reach: 85mm
Drop: 128mm
Stem clamp diameter: 31.8mm
Brake lever clamp diameter: 23.8mm
Weight (44cm): 301g

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