Trial An Electric Bike


By loaning you an ebike free for 2 weeks, this project’s goal is to help you discover how an ebike could be a mode of transport that’s right for you.

We want participants to take away a fresh perspective and an informed experience about how an ebike could work for them. We will set you up with an ebike that is right for your commute complete with a lock, helmet, child seats – whatever you need to make your journey comfortable.

Trial an Ebike is an intensive experience bringing e-bikes right into your life! 14 days of life with an e-bike, leaving transport stress behind. 14 days where getting around will be the best part of your day!

2 electric city bikes and 1 electric cargo bike will be loaned to successful applicants. If you think you are up for the challenge or know someone who would be then sign up! It’s fun and it’s free. Bookings are limited, follow this link to sign up today.


Quick and easy transportation With an assisted speed of up to 25km/h, the ebike is a fun and zippy way about town without working up a sweat – an important detail for many professionals.

Good for the bottom line Electric bicycling is extremely cost, energy and space efficient compared to motor vehicles. Travel cost just 3 cents of electricity per kilometer and parking is usually free!

The power of mobility at your fingertips The electric drive system is there to assist you not override you. Make your trips with as much exercise or as effortless as you please. Its certainly not cheating.

Your health matters Daily moderate exercise is medically proven to boost your health and productivity in many ways, making you fitter and happier.

Actively contribute to a clean and green city You set a good example by directly reducing traffic in the city, help keep the air clean and promote a liveable city for people not vehicles.


Ezee electric bikes are used by the NZTA and City Councils nationwide (Auckland, Dunedin, Nelson, New Plymouth, Palmerston North and Wellington) for staff transportation fleets. The Ezee brand has been servicing New Zealand customers and the world with premium quality electric bikes for the past decade. As a stockist for Ezee electric bikes in Christchurch, Action Bicycle Club understands the product inside out and can provide participants with the skills and know-how to get the most out of their electric cycling experience.
  • By signing up for the project via the survey form, you understand and agree to the terms and conditions laid out for applicants of the Trial an ebike project as written in this section.
  • As the project management company for Trial An Ebike, the management of Action Bicycle Club Ltd. holds the sole discretion and final rights to the selection of the successful applicants.
  • As with the NZ Privacy Act 1993. The collection of your personal information is strictly for the administration of this project. We do not disclose your personal information to anyone nor hold on to the information longer than necessary. We respect your privacy.
  • While we provide as much information and assistance as we can to successful applicants during their 2 week trial, it is ultimately your responsibility for your own safety and security whilst riding the electric bike. Follow traffic regulations at all times and always park the bicycle securely. Action Bicycle Club Ltd will not be held liable to participants or 3rd parties for injuries, damages, loss of property that occurs during the trial period.
  • As a successful applicant, you agree to undertake in good faith, the loaned electric bicycle with reasonable care and usage. For example, to reasonably use the bicycle often as possible for the purposes of commuting during the trial period. You agree not to use the electric bicycle for unintended purposes, for example to use the electric bicycle for down hill mountain biking. If unsure, please contact us for more information.
  • As a successful applicant, you agree to return the electric bicycle at an agreed time period with the management. The bikes are the property of Action Bicycle Club Ltd. Failure to return the bicycles within a reasonable time period may result in legal action taken against you.
  • Management has a right to request the return of the electric bicycles with 3 days notice. Failure to return the bicycles within a reasonable time period may result in legal action taken against you.