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  • Mar272017
    electric bikes

    An ABC guide to Electric Bikes

    With a extensive range of bikes on the market there is a lot to think about when making your purchase. Here’s our guide on what to consider when buying an electric bike.

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  • Mar172017

    Overcoming my dress and bike dilemma

    What’s your favourite outfit when riding your bike and how do you overcome the dress and bike dilemma?

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  • Mar092017

    Christchurch Go By Bike Day

    Christchurch Go-By-Bike Day. 160 muffins, 13L of coffee, 2 loaves of sourdough, and over 200 smiles served on bikes.

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  • Feb092017

    St Velotines Day

    Send someone a little love by bike on St. Velotine’s Day.

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  • Jan132017
    Biking the Little River Rail Trail

    Cycle Touring: Biking the Little River Rail Trail (on Electric Bikes)

    Biking the Little River Rail Trail is a thoroughly enjoyable adventure and a perfect day trip out of Christchurch city.

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  • Nov082016

    Back to the beginning

    I first fell in love with biking within weeks of moving to Shanghai. I had never seen so many cyclists in my life and I was curious to see for myself what all the fuss was about. I bought my first bike quickly – it was a Shanghai Forever.

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  • Oct172016

    Explore FESTA on a bike

    See FESTA (Festival of Transitional Architecture) this weekend by bicycle. Hire a bicycle for a full day and get another 48 hours free!

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  • Sep202016

    Christchurch Coastal Pathway ride

    Once completed, the Christchurch Costal Pathway will be a 6.5km long shared pathway connecting the city cycle network along the coastal edge of Christchurch to Sumner beach. When finished not only will the pathway provide a safe link for people travelling along the causeway it will stimulate economic and natural growth for the area.

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  • Jul172016

    Tips For Maintaining Your Bike

    Ask most women (and most likely quite a few men too) about how to go about maintaining their bike and they probably won’t have much of a clue. For a long time, I was part of that ‘in the dark group’ too.

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  • Jun242016

    Winter Solstice Late Night Bike Ride

    5th annual Christchurch NZ Solstice Night Light bike ride

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