5 reasons Melbourne bike share rocks

We recently spent the weekend in Melbourne where we got around the city using the bike share system. Here are 5 reasons why our trip rocked because of it.

1. It’s cheap!

If you’re smart about your trips Melbourne Bike Share will cost you $3 for 24 hours or $8 for the week. You’ll have to make sure you make it to the next docking station within 30 mins but with the stops so close together that’s not normally going to be a problem.

2. The bikes are easy to ride

Melbourne has a few hills in the CBD which take a bit of an effort to get up if you’re not used to them (or cycling). However the bike share bikes come with 3 gears so put all you need to do is put your bike in 1st gear and work those muscles.

3. There are stations outside of the CBD

We’d been to Melbourne several times and knew the central city well. On this trip, we wanted to spend time in the suburbs too. Fitzroy is one of our favourites and with several docking stations in the area, that made it really accessible.

4. No apps or signups necessary

We’ve been to other cities where you need a local phone number to register for bike share. Some also require you to download apps (where’s the free wi-fi when you need one) Melbourne Bike Share uses a credit/chip card only so there’s no messing around with additional technology.

5. You look like a dork… but so do all the other bike share users

Yes we know, the bikes are not that snazzy and the complimentary helmets are naff but it doesn’t matter because all the other riders look as … splendid as you do so pedal on and enjoy the fun of biking around and exploring Melbourne!

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